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What is Chocolaterieonline?



Our Craft


If tasting a luxury chocolate is a true journey for the senses, then CHOCOLATERIEONLINE

could be said to be a sort of travel agency... for your taste buds! CHOCOLATERIEONLINE will

transport you to the land of a thousand and one chocolate flavours, made traditionally using

the best cocoa in the world, sourced in many different countries. Just a few clicks on our

website can order you chocolates that will take you on a trip to fabulous destinations such as

Peru, Ghana and Papua New Guinea, where the cocoa comes from!


Our Company


CHOCOLATERIEONLINE is the sole Internet distributor of chocolates, calissons, candied

chetnuts, marshmallows and other luxury confectionery made by Puyricard, master chocolatier

since 1967 in the South of France! The CHOCOLATERIEONLINE team is passionate about the

world of chocolate and the Internet. That's why our constant quest is to provide outstanding

products online, with customer satisfaction to match!


Customer Service

Golden Palet Chocolate

Our aim is to give full satisfaction, which is why the CHOCOLATERIEONLINE team is always

available to answer your questions. Our FAQ will answer any questions you may have about

the chocolates and confectionery available on this website, or indeed about your orders. You

can also contact us at


Express and Worldwide Delivery


We ship worldwide (from €49.00 to Europe, and €99.00 everywhere else in the World) with an

estimated delivery time from 3 to 6 business days. And because we are French, we put in place

specific agreements for deliveries in France : to ensure that our chocolates always make the

freshest of gifts, at CHOCOLATERIEONLINE we have chosen CHRONOPOST for our deliveries,

with their “next day before 1 pm” option for deliveries in France (excluding Sundays and public

holidays). What's more, this express delivery service is FREE within mainland France

for orders worth €80 net before postage! For deliveries to Corsica, express delivery is free for

orders worth €120 net before postage. Simply place your order via,

and our team will spring into action to ensure your favourite chocolates and confectionery are

quickly delivered at home, at the office, in hospital, etc.


Fresh Products


CHOCOLATERIEONLINE has chosen the Chocolaterie PUYRICARD, which does not use

negative cold (freezing) for preservation purposes. Unlike others, we favour traditional

methods and fresh produce to preserve flavours and ensure that our finished products taste

as good as they can.

In order to offer exceptional chocolates, we select the ingredients that make them up

carefully and hold strict, regular controls. At Puyricard's, we use Charentes butter, fresh

cream from Alsace, whole bean vanilla from Tahiti, hazelnuts from Piedmont and almonds

from the South of France, not forgetting Sri Lankan cinnamon. All these natural ingredients

are carefully chosen for their organoleptic qualities as well as being harmless to health

(microbial and bacterial cleanliness, “free range” or sustainable agricultural products and

no modified vegetable oil), in order to suit your healthy lifestyle. For the same reasons,

absolutely no chemical preservatives or synthetic flavourings are used. Please note that

chocolates purchased at will keep for three weeks.


Secure Payment


In order to guarantee the highest level of security for online transactions,

CHOCOLATERIEONLINE has chosen to apply the 3DSecure payment protocol for all card

purchases on

This ensures that none of your bank details can be captured, nor information stored on our

website. Online payment takes place independently, via the website of our bank partner,



Avenue Georges de Fabry, 13540 PUYRICARD (France) : +33 (0)4 42 61 26 54 :

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